Let us show you how leveraging cloud services will benefit your business and save you money...

    Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (SaaS) offers a subscription based service without needing on premise software, hardware without costly infrastructure and overhead. Applications are accessed through the internet connection using virtually device. AlphaCIS cloud experts can help transition, blend or manage AWS, Google or Azure cloud services to take advantage of the cloud and increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Easy Application Access

Applications such as desktop as a service can be accessed from virtually any internet enabled device.

Advanced Security

Security is the number one concern and its take seriously with regular updates, firewalls and advanced routing and filtering

Multiple redundancies

Cloud platform means the infrastructure is running on multiple machines which guarantees redundancy and 99% uptime.

No hardware or software to maintain

Everything is installed and running on the cloud, simply connect and work!

Access from virtual any device

Hosted applications such as virtual desktop can be accessed from any internet enabled device.

Instant data uploads

All work is performed in the application on the cloud and so the data is also stored instantly without needing to upload or update data as you go.

Lower initial costs

No up front license software or hardware costs.  Everything is included in the monthly subscription.

Scalable with growth

One size does not fit all, this lowers costs by only paying for what is being used instead of preset packages

Customizable to your business

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

AlphaCIS hybrid cloud blends the best of both worlds combining the latest in hybrid cloud technology with the current on-premise infrastructure.  This approach relies on leveraging the cloud advantages such as high availability and security of the cloud to augment the current on premise environment.


Collaborate, share and access your files on the go and in the office. Blended cloud environment can benefit greatly from the security and high availability of company files.


Leveraging Microsoft Azure (Active Directory AD) allows for a single sign-on and multi-factor authentication to protect users from 99% of cybersecurity attacks. Granular control of user permissions ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources.





Secured Access

Secure desktop with multi factor authentications protects from 99% of cybersecurity attacks


Full windows desktop experience with customizable backgrounds, applications and permissions

Centralized Software

Same version software and patches ensures uniformity across the organization

Access From Any Device

Access full windows desktop securely from any internet available device

Cloud or On-Premise

VDI running on centralized server on premise or hosted on the cloud

Save Money

Centralizing the infrastructure and reducing the need for expensive PCs and managing of the workstations


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) centralizes the desktop to an on premise or cloud server, while allowing the individual user to customize their own desktop experience.  Click the link from any internet enabled device and instantly access a secure full windows based desktop. VDI centralizes software versions and files that are accessible to all users in the organization with speeds equivalent of on-premise workstation.

Understanding the Cloud

Choosing the right cloud or on-premise service depends on many aspects of an organization.  Things such as the size and number of employees, the software and business mission critical components all have to be taken into account when proposing a solution.  AlphaCIS team of experts can help analyze and make proper recommendations that will increase efficiency, reduce costs and increase up-time.

Selecting Service

There are many cloud based service providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, VMWARE, Rackspace and DigitalOcean.  We have the experts that can piece together the right solution for your business goals


AlphaCIS will help with the conversion process every step of the way. From selecting the proper service to implementation into the current environment.  Depending on the organizational needs AlphaCIS can help build a private cloud where company data is kept local, host the infrastructure in our secure data center or transition to a fully cloud hosted environment such as Microsoft Azure