If you’re interested in streamlining your team’s productivity, Microsoft Teams’ latest updates to Copilot might catch your attention.

During a bustling Teams meeting, capturing every idea can be a challenge, even for the quickest note-taker. Copilot addresses this by transcribing conversations and analyzing live chats to highlight key points, ensuring nothing important slips through the cracks.

The new features extend beyond just note-taking. Copilot now allows users to retract a sent chat message and suggest alternatives, simplifying communication and reducing errors in fast-paced discussions.

For phone calls, Teams Premium now includes Copilot’s recap tool, providing summaries of calls to make follow-ups more manageable.

Video calls also see improvements with the integration of IntelliFrame as the default setting. This AI-driven feature focuses on each participant’s video feed, enhancing visibility for everyone involved and eliminating common framing issues.

These updates are designed to enhance collaboration, making meetings more efficient and ensuring high-quality communication in video calls.

So, smoother collaboration, sharper meetings that look like they might belong on a Hollywood-style video movie— you should give it a try!

If your business isn’t yet utilizing Microsoft Teams as your collaboration and chat platform and you are using Office 365, then you already have teams for free!  

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