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Virtual Office for Telecommuting

In this time of uncertainty and Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic on the rise, more businesses are instructing their staff to telecommute to work to prevent the spread of the disease.  We understand that some businesses don’t have the infrastructure in place to allow their employees to telecommute during this difficult time.

AlphaCIS is bringing an affordable solution to ensure your employees do not skip a beat and continue their work remotely.  Targeting the greater Atlanta, Marietta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Cumming and Surrounding areas. 

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With many people working from home, hackers are taking advantage of vulnerable systems with ransomware and hijacking of information.  Our network assessment ensures all the proper protocols are taken place and everyone accesses their systems in the most secure way possible eliminating any network breaches.  Access your systems remotely  system as though you are in front of it teleworking. 


Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection tunnel over the internet from allowing secure connection from one device to another across the internet. 


Good Antivirus is essential in working from home.  Having your personal computer at home as well as the work computer ensures both workstations are protected.


Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is crucial to deter unwanted access to your online services.  2FA creates an additional layer of protection along with password in order to access your sensitive information.



First step will be to figure out all business vital processes that need to be preserved while working remotely.   This normally includes identifying procedures, software and understanding the workflow. 


Our experts will determine what level of hardware or software is needed to allow your employees to work remotely. We  have access to multiple off-lease and brand new equipment that can be implemented very quickly and cost effectively.  


We test out all the scenarios, confirm all users have access and all files / business critical resources are accessible remotely and securely. 

Access Files Anywhere

Using our cloud based network drive, allow your employees to collaborate and open files like they are in the office.  No need to upload files or use a web interface, access files as though they are on your computer using the latest encryption and security. 

Remote Desktop

Access software, email software, and other office resources remotely from virtual any internet enabled device. Our quick deployment of virtual desktop will ensure your business does not skip a beat.


Either a chatroom based environment where files and texts can be shared or video conferencing.  We have the technology to seamlessly blend your office and home office together in the most natural and efficient way. 


AlphaCIS will implement all the necessary hardware in your office within a days to enable all of your employees to start working from home tomorrow.

Money Saving

Save money by reducing IT costs by not having to manage expensive hardware and IT personnel. Our fully implemented virtual office and Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is designed to bring your workplace virtually to any device anywhere in the world.


Easily manage permissions and access while giving all of your employees access to their work files from home or anywhere on the go.  

Technical Support Included with Any Hosted or On Premise Solution for Virtual Office 

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