AICPA launched a new CPA-specific top level domain (TLD) that will help you build trust and reach your clients in a more secure way. This verification process ensures that only those who meet certain requirements can register for this TLD, which adds another safeguard and level of trust for potential clients.

If your practice hasn’t jumped on getting their .CPA domain yet I suggest you do this right away. Unlike .com .net .org or many others that anyone can register for, .CPA MUST in fact be a registered CPA. This means that many great domains are still available up for grabs.

I suggest searching and registering for domains such as yourcity.CPA  or if that is not available going after  along with your actual practice name.  This would be great for marketing and very easy to remember for new clients as opposed to long stringed .com domains.

At this time the .CPA registration for domain costs $225 for 1 year of registration.  You can register your domain


If you need assistance with registering for .CPA domain or you have other questions regarding your website.  Please contact AlphaCIS for help! We can properly route your website to the new domain without affecting your SEO. If your CPA practice is located in Metro Atlanta or the surrounding areas please contact us for a quick discovery phone call with an engineer here.