In the spirit of October Security month. We have used biometrics to unlock our phones, pay at the grocery stores, log in to our bank accounts for many years now. It only makes sense that this level of security makes it into mainstream day-to-day use on our desktops and laptops. Although many devices already include this feature such as a fingerprint reader, Yubicon now offers a retrofit for older devices to utilize biometrics instead of passwords.

Check out this $80 USB key that doubles as a fingerprint scanner for your computer. This can replace the passwords altogether and integrates with Microsoft and Google.

The good news is that hackers can’t just brute force hack these with passwords leaked from the dark web. Multifactor authentication is the new norm for preventing bad actors from unauthorized access. Passwords alone are no longer enough to safeguard systems.

If your laptop or desktop is equipped with a keyboard that accepts fingerprint scanning you already know you can use this to log in to Google and Microsoft services without needing a password or a pin. This USB biometric device retrofits computers without this capability to do the same.

Once the device is registered and your biometric is recorded.

Key works similar to a password, you only need to input your username, then touch the key with your finger to register the fingerprint and you are good to go!

Looks very promising and slick!