Are you trying to get your business off the ground in Metro Atlanta? Lets see if we can get the community to help...

Without asking for anything back or strings attached...


We are building a community that fosters entrepreneurship and connects startups to other local small businesses in a unique way. These entrepreneurs then utilize the local businesses services for free or at cost!


Every business needs a website! Depending on the industry these costs could be very high.  We have local agencies that are willing to help get your business on-line!

IT Services

IT vendors can help you set up the office network, configure cloud services, help with infrastructure buildout, VOIP, email setup, etc.

Accounting Services

Accounting professionals can help setup your business with proper licensing from federal and local gov. Get you started with basic billing and book keeping and help answer any tax and deduction questions you might have.

Marketing / SEO

Digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving art of finding the next thing that creates conversions. Link up with experts that are staying on top of these trends!  Getting ideas for printed material and having the means to print them is also an extremely valuable resource to startup businesses.


Sometimes advise can be priceless.  Speak with successful business owners willing to guide you in your startup journey to success. 


Going through a bank for a startup is sometimes out of the question.  Getting funding in the private sector by investors willing to believe in your dream is always the way to go! Speak with those that have the means to invest in your dream

Here is the catch...

In order to keep these vendors offering free/discounted services, we need your help!

We need you to spread the word and tell people about your experience and how The Startup Factory helped you! That’s it!

It costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time to give a shout out to those that helped!

This small effort on your part will help grow this community and bring more vendors and startups together.

Mention them on Social Media

Write on their FB page and let everyone know about the awesome work they did and how they helped you.

Give Thanks!

Tell your friends and anyone else that might be curious about how The Startup Factory helped kick start your business!

Optional Audio/Video Interview!

One of the best promotional tools that your business can have.  Not only does this spread the word about The Start Up Factory, but it spreads the word about YOUR journey as an entrepreneur.

Why Would  Vendors Want To Participate?

If you are an established business looking to promote your company and benefit the community around, what better way to do it than to offer your services to startup businesses.

How does this benefit you?

The vendors that participate in The Startup Factory will get marketing exposure from testimonials and video interviews as well as word of mouth from the owners of the startups.

We would like to get your story out with video interviews where you can talk about your company, tell us about your journey, what you have learned and what you have learned and achieved in the process of building your business.

These interviews and podcasts can be used as marketing materials to promote your business and attract new clients.  Developing connections with the owners of the startup companies will help convert those startups into paid customers when they need additional services from you.

Content marketing is not a new concept, it creates organic traffic to your website or social media pages, allows your customers to learn your story and background, and showcases your work.

As these startups become successful they will turn into ongoing regular customers.