A Work Place Without IT Troubles

Software as a Service (SaaS)

The same software you use everyday, running off our cloud based servers.  Software as a Service provides a centralized workplace that is always maintained, accessible 24-7, secure and easy to manage. Eliminate expensive hardware and maintenance contracts and let us show you how we can save your business money and time. 

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Host Any Software

Host virtually any desktop software your organization requires.  Access software such as a complete desktop, Quickbooks, Office, and a complete desktop from virtually any device.

Money Saving

Save money by reducing IT costs by not having to manage expensive hardware and IT personnel. Our fully managed Software as a Service (SaaS) solution is designed to bring your workplace virtually to any device anywhere in the world.


Easy to manage users, software, and permissions in a centralized environment.  Access shared data, no more having miss matched version of data files or software.


99.99% guaranteed up time on all of our hosted software and virtual desktop solutions.


Your data is securely stored in an Atlanta based data-center, behind an enterprise level firewall to ensure maximum security and data integrity.

Worry Free

No more worrying about updates, purchasing additional hardware, hosting your own servers. We handle all updates, hardware and software maintenance.

Why Use Hosted Desktop?

Ease Of Access

Familiar workplace with desktop and software you are using now  Everything from MS Office, to Quickbooks and more

Ease Of Management

Centralized software and data allows easy control over data, and software for all users in your organization

Reduce Overhead

Software as a Service (SaaS) lowers costs by eliminating expensive servers and personnel to manage them.

Familiar Workplace

AlphaCIS will configure and replicate your current work environment with software on our cloud servers to match.

Technical Support Included with Any Hosted Software and Virtual Desktop

Single Technician Assigned To Each Customer!

Each customer is assigned an engineer to handle their trouble tickets. Our customers enjoy close nit relationship with their engineers which in turn helps us offer the best service tailored to each customer. Our customers is like family.