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Can Your Business Survive a Disaster?

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (DR)

In case of a natural disaster, a burglary break in, or a fire, is your business prepared?  If you don’t have a business continuity strategy in place, please contact alphaCIS to develop and implement a plan right away. 

Don’t Wait Until Disaster Strikes!

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Business Impact Analysis

First step is risk assessment to identify the IT services that support your organization’s critical business activities.

Developing DR Strategy

DR plan will provides a step-by step process for responding to a disruptive event.  We will develop steps that will recover the IT assets back to normal operation as quickly as possibly.

DR Solutions

Our disaster recovery solutions includes cloud hosted backups, virtual desktops hosted in our top of the line data center that can be turned operational once a disaster occurs allowing your employees to continue work from remote locations.

Cloud Storage and Backup

Off-site backup storage is a crucial component to business continuity. Protect your data from natural disasters or burglaries with our quick and easy backup solution.

Quick Data Recovery and high data availability

Access files on the go and share across your organization

Industry leading encryption HIPPA and SEC Compliant

Virtual Desktop

Host your business crtical infrastructure such as software,  email etc. Virtual Desktop paired with cloud storage allows quick deployment in case of a disaster and your employees can be up and running from any location with internet and power. 

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